My Social Mission

I started "The Art of Textile" as a way to fight textile waste and preserve the artisan tradition. I was inspired by west African artisans, who are master of wood working, clothing making, and much more. At the heart of these artisan's work was a practiced tradition of using materials derived from the earth and teaching the next generation the craft. As the number of traditional artisans decrease, due to issues like climate change and globalization, we must preserve this tradition and use it to empower the future generation.

My mission is to:

  1. Be an innovator on the use of textile waste as part of my artistic practice.

  2. Help preserve the artisan tradition by creating opportunities for others to learn.

Visit the to learn more.

"Art should be created for social good. As an artist, we have the potential to change how people see the world. As builders, we utilize a lot of resources and should find ways to be more sustainable. I have worked alongside charities and nonprofit organizations for years helping them raise money for different causes. I'm pledging to work to reduce the carbon footprint in my studio and to donate money to environmental initiatives focused on the sustainability of the environment and the communities that depend on them."

- JustRo