Artist Statement:

Rohaun work explores the depths of the human experience through portraiture, video, and oral tradition.

Rohaun's multidisciplinary creative approach encompasses a dense yet balanced composition rich in texture, hue, and emotion. Inspired by graffiti and street art, Rohaun's portraits are large, colorful, vibrant, imbued with messages and meaning. The larger than life portraits intends to tell a story that often goes unheard; and challenges the lack of certain stories told within gallery and museum walls.

Videographed interviews and intimate conversations are an integral component to creating the painted portraits. Rohaun uses personal interviews with his subjects to learn about the histories told in the expressions and emotions of their faces. Symbolism and narrative are potent elements in Rohaun's large portraits.

Rohaun utilizes large size canvases in order to engulf onlookers within the expression of the face. Each portrait contains the detailed, careful study of the subject's features, and the subtle way they integrate to form the expression that create emotion, of the way they've come to hold their face over the years; of how they have learned to move in the world.

Rohaun currently resides in Washington, D.C., where his studio features a welcoming setting for filming his interview subjects.