JustRo is an immersive visual storyteller and mechanical engineer who utilizes multiple visual mediums to execute his works of art. He explores identity by immersing himself in the people, places, and things along his travels and explorations. The resultant work focuses on illustrating powerful yet accessible stories he has gathered along the way.

Current Series "Confrontations with Uncertainty"

JustRo uses recycled textiles to create imperfect impressions of familiar forms and objects. JustRo’s textile sculptures are inversions drawn from the convention of mass production which focuses on uniformity and disposability. An imperfect copy versus a perfect copy. This brings into question the idea of value.

JustRo’s manipulation of textiles creates visual effects that invite intrigue and curiosity. Initially, JustRo used textiles as an individual element in his work, but as his exploration of the material persisted integration into his paintings opened a new visual landscape that harmonize 2D and 3D forms.

Below are selected works as the story unfolds. Visit my Instagram for more Just Ro's Instagram

My vision of acension

The Tools of the Artist

Elevated Soul

Mysterious Friends

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Social Good