Artist Statement:

Rohaun is a self-taught artist who focuses on painting the human face exploiting its natural ability to tell a story through expressions and emotions. Rohauns interest in oral traditions and written stories aids in his selection of portrait subjects. The face tells its own story, the more unique the face the greater the story.

The passion for painting faces derives from Rohauns personal experience obsering human reactions to facial expression. Exploring how these reactions aid in the generations of narratives about people, race and emotion is a deep psychological subject of interest.

Rohan uses a multimedia approach to capture the stories and create the faces. Video interviews and intimate conversation are often used to record the total narrative, allowing for later exploration of the potent symbols found within each face. Rohaun chooses to Paint the images in large format because it helps encapsulate the story with an overwhelming presence for timeless display.

Rohaun experiments with paint, ink, paper, fabrics, wood, metal, plastic and electronics to create texture, hue, value, and symmetry accomplishing a dense yet balanced composition. Whats most important is to stay true to his roots of improvisation allowing for a free flow of creativity and innovation. To maintain a level of quality and longevity, Rohaun draw on his academic knowledge of materials and the creative process.

Rohaun has a studio located in Washington DC. There he has a comfortable setting for interacting with clients and portrait subjects for filming, photographing, and painting.